Join the Rainbow History board as secretary (volunteer position)

November 10, 2023

Rainbow History is seeking a qualified candidate for the open role of secretary as one of its four corporate board officers.

The term for all officers is one calendar year from the date of election to the role. There is no limit to the number of times an officer may be re-elected. Directors and officers shall not receive any compensation for their services in that capacity. Additionally board officers are required to attend board of director meetings held the second Saturday of each month.

In addition to attending board meetings, the board secretary is responsible for the following:

  • Organizing meetings– The board secretary schedules and prepares invitations for all board meetings. This includes notifying by email all board members and setting up Zoom links using RHP’s Zoom account. In collaboration with the board chair, the board secretary is also responsible for creating, distributing and retaining copies of all meeting agendas and supplementary materials.
  • Recording minutes– The board secretary extracts key information from meetings, takes detailed minutes, and sends them to the full board of directors for comment and revision within a week of each meeting. Once all comments and changes have been addressed, the board secretary calls for a vote to approve meeting minutes during board meetings.
  • Serving as a liaison between officers and directors– The board secretary bridges any communication gap between RHP’s officers and directors and as needed, advises the board on specific issues related to RHP’s bylaws.
  • Maintaining organizational documentation– The board secretary periodically reviews and updates organizational documents, so they contain accurate and verified information. The board secretary is also responsible for preserving all meeting records approved by the board.
  • Keeping board members informed– The board secretary informs fellow directors of any news affecting their responsibilities and explains how it might apply to them and the organization. This may include recent changes to local, district and/or federal legislation.

To apply for consideration as RHP board secretary, email with a description of your interests in LGBTQ history, relevant experience, and your résumé. Please also provide three references who can vouch for your volunteer experience and dedication.

We encourage you to share this outreach with someone you think may be interested.