Timelines are a wonderful way to track with visuals and text important milestones and moments for the LGBTQ community in the Washington, D.C., area.

Our timelines are a work in progress, and Rainbow History is actively recruiting and training volunteers to work on this important archival project. Read the volunteer description to learn more and see how you can engage.

Timelines Projects 2023

One of RHP’s initial projects was to track the milestones and moments for the LGBTQ community in the Washington, D.C., area. “What happened when?” was a critical question underlining why we were founded. 

Rainbow History Project has created timelines and anniversaries on various topics: General History, AIDS in DC, DC Black Pride, Bisexual History, Trans History, is updating several timelines that make up archive, including AIDS in D.C., Pride, Trans history, and even a 2014 Interfaith partnership on Welcoming and Affirming religious congregations. 

Timeline volunteers are needed to update, enhance and research key dates of our community history. Volunteers can also assist with updating the software and presentation of our legacy timelines: PDF, Word charts, and spreadsheets contain data that we would love to see visualized online.

You can view some of our legacy timelines here:

We have also compiled lists of Anniversaries for planning observances:

Timelines Project Needs

  • Make sure all legacy timelines are in the google drive, Timelines folder
  • TimelineJS remains the best free software: it pulls spreadsheet data and can include images.  Examples are on their website. Whitney Houston?
  • Timelines need to be converted to excel documents; 
  • Workload prioritization: THI will have timeline work; there is interest in AIDS history and religious history; World Pride is coming…