Join the RHP board as our Treasurer (volunteer position)

January 23, 2023

Rainbow History Project is in search of a qualified candidate for the role of Treasurer as one of its four corporate officers. This volunteer position is currently open.

The term for all officers is one calendar year from the date of election to the role. There is no limit to the number of times an officer may be re-elected. Directors and officers shall not receive any compensation for their services in that capacity. Additionally, board officers are required to attend board of director meetings held the second Saturday of each month.

Please see below for a brief overview of the role as stated in our bylaws:

(a) Keeping of Assets. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the receipt and safekeeping of all funds and financial assets of the corporation. Appropriate financial records shall be prepared and preserved by the Treasurer.

(b) Reports. The Treasurer shall prepare and present accountings of the financial transactions and condition of the corporation at meetings of the Board and the Membership.

(c) Tax Returns. The Treasurer shall prepare for the approval of the Board all tax returns and related reports that the corporation is required to file. Once approved, the Treasurer shall file these returns and reports with the appropriate governmental bodies.

  • The Treasurer creates and sends the monthly reports as listed above 3-4 days in advance of these meetings, as well as for the Annual Membership Meeting held each March.
  • The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining active accounts and access with our bank accounts and PayPal, paying vendors and venues as needed, as well as monitoring the dedicated treasurer@ email account regularly.

We are seeking more trans, non-binary, and women-identified people to serve on our board—including as Treasurer. We can’t properly document LGBTQ history without all voices at the table.

For additional information on Treasurer duties, or to notify us of your interest, please write to RHP leadership at We look forward to hearing from you!