On World AIDS Day, recognizing Community Pioneers who led the local fight

December 1, 2022

On World AIDS Day, RHP remembers, honors and celebrates the stories of our heroic and tireless Community Pioneers who led the fight against AIDS in the District, Maryland and Virginia. Learn more about these local history makers. 

Cornelius Baker (2007)

Tireless HIV/AIDS organization builder and advocate

Christopher Bates (2007) 

HIV/AIDS community builder and government leader

Colevia Carter (2012)

Ensured responsiveness of government to the needs of AIDS care and education

Rev. Dr. Rainey Cheeks (2007) 

Leader and organizer for HIV/AIDS and faith communities

Barbara Chinn (2007)

AIDS care and prevention leader and educator

Wallace Leo Corbett Jr. (2015)

Leader in HIV prevention and care

Dr. Richard DiGioia (2007) 

Leader and educator in AIDS treatment

Jim Graham (2007)

Leader in AIDS response and D.C. politics

Dr. Patricia D. Hawkins (2009)

Maverick leader in fight against AIDS

Dr. Theo W. Hodge, Jr. (2009)

One of D.C.’s best-known HIV/AIDS educators and physicians

Dr. Ron Simmons (2012)

Leader of Us Helping Us

Larry Stansbury (2007)

Leader of Brother Help Thyself

In 2023, Rainbow History Project will hold a panel discussion examining the intersections between the HIV pandemic, as seen during the 1980s-1990s, and the current Monkeypox outbreak among LGBT populations. If you would like to suggest a subject expert to be on the history panel or volunteer to work on panel, contact Ashley Bamfo at bamfoash976@yahoo.com.